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Only Respecting Jesus

This Sunday we had more of a bible study at my home, since our regular meeting location at the hotel is booked. We looked at what's often called The Trilemma (a difficult choice of exactly 3 options) of who Jesus is: 1) a Liar, 2) a Lunatic, or 3) Lord and exactly who He claims to be - God in the flesh.

Many people like to say ...

I respect Jesus as a good moral teacher

However, this is not possible if one honestly looks closely at all the claims that Jesus made. One must, instead, either accept or reject Him on the basis of His stunning claims of deity and being one with the Father.

Jesus even used the phrase "I Am" on many occasions. Just as God told Moses, out of the burning bush on Mount Sinai, how to tell the people what His name is.

Few people are willing to call Jesus a liar or a lunatic, but many are shocked when they honestly realize that there are only those three choices of whom Jesus is. And, if they remain honest in their pursuit, they realize that the bottom line choice is whether to accept or reject Jesus as being Lord and God.

Furthermore, and regardless of a person's choice, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. This is mentioned not only in the New Testament (Romans 14:11, Philippians 2:10), but also in the Old Testament (Isaiah 45:23).

Choose wisely my friends,

Pastor Ted

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