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Deliverance from Deception Mini-Conference

We’re having a mini-conference this Labor Day weekend: Saturday 8/31 & Sunday 9/1. Pastor Dean Odle is joining us to help celebrate the one year anniversary and we decided to turn the weekend into a mini-conference.

We entitled it “Deliverance from Deception“ for two main reasons. People are in need of all sorts of Deliverance and the bottom line is that Deception is the cause. The effects of Deception range from demonic oppression and possession, to confusion about the simple Gospel and the very nature of creation or the shape of the earth itself.

Is earth flat, or under a dome or what? Should we believe and follow Old Testament beliefs and practices or not? Come find out what we think and why. We will have some great testimonies and Q&A. No questions are out of bounds and we‘ll deal with all views respectfully but focus on Jesus and His word as the bottomline solution or explanation for everything under the sun and the firmament of His power!

Check out the conference website at https://www.deliverancefromdeception.org/

Pastor Ted

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